Wisers Analytics for best media and analytic tools

Their knowledge and media analytics tools provide comprehensive solutions to help brands in creating additional enlightened business selections. Starting from media trends, trade benchmarks, to digital campaign performance.

About Chinese media info

Big knowledge supported more than 20 years and growing Chinese media info and linguistics resources. As well as e-Commerce sales and shopper reviews, medium newspaper, magazine, and television /broadcast media. The info covers dry land, Hong Kong, possession, and Taiwan

About AIDA (Awareness Interest Desire Action) analysis model:

With the knowledge gathered from social media, they will live the consumer’s journey supported by the brand’s awareness, interest, word of mouth need, and get behaviour. The AI data analytics tool, like topic discovery, sentiment analysis, and topic classification. Additionally, modify America to find deeper insights.

About the Vertical trade experience

Their trade specialists perceive your business challenges. They facilitate shoppers to perceive their complete performance and competition benchmarks.

Assist PR professionals with added services to extend ROI with media strategy and shopping for data analytics solutions. It helps them understand the media’s surroundings. And therefore the audience’s behaviors.

About the data analysis platform

As a customer-terminal intelligent SaaS cloud platform for Wisers’ large info. They provide a series of SaaS applications that supported the requirements of varied departments and stigmatization, marketing, and communications.

Utilizing huge knowledge analytics tools and computer science technology. They tend to facilitate corporations enhance the complete price, optimize communication. And promoting effectiveness, strengthen name management, explore market intelligence, mitigate business risks, and business decision-making.

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