Things To Consider When Applying For BNO Through British Connections?

British National Overseas Visa or simply BNO is an itinerary document that is sought by citizens of Hong Kong. It allows their families to stay, study and work in the United Kingdom. There is also an option of a five-year BNO visa, after which you can apply for bno renew as per the requirement. If you are looking to apply for yourself and your family, you will have to meet the specific requisites stated below.

Things to avoid and consider during BNO visa application

Here are the things you need to do when applying for a British National Overseas visa:

  • Allowed to study in the UK.
  • Get a job and work however, one cannot be a sports coach or a sportsperson by profession.

Furthermore, you would not be free to send an application for accessing other benefits. Nonetheless, you can apply for these gains once you get your BNO visa. You must fulfill the following rubrics:

  • You are a low-income family, such that it can impact the child’s welfare.
  • You lack a place to reside and are unable to afford one.
  • You have a roof over your head but cannot afford food for the family.
  • You are on the verge of losing a place where you live or cannot manage to fulfill vital living costs.

You can apply for a BNO visa at British Connections to get the job done smoothly. Before the application process, ensure that you carry the requisite documents along and meet other criteria as well.

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