The Gce A Level Hong Kong Tutor And Ib Tutor Hk Analysis 

What is GCE?

The Graduate Certificate of Education is awarded to people who have the license to start tutoring others and impart education. It is considered even higher than the IB category because of the clearance criteria and other aspects required to start a self-developed tutoring academy. The gce a level hong kong tutors are one of the most experienced people whose main aim is to change the existing education system and replace it with another efficient one.

Changes are necessary for every field, for that matter. For example, if we still used the basic cell phones with buttons in them, there wouldn’t have been a sign of development and advancement. Our existence on earth would have been meaningless. Hence, many people are looking to change the existing systems and improvise and tidy up areas that can benefit the future.

Growth of the education technology industry 

The other level of tutoring category would be the International Baccalaureate (IB). This curriculum is a lot more different when compared to the ones who follow the gce curriculum. These titles are necessary for tutors so that the people coming to learn from them are satisfied and convinced that they are going to the right place to gain knowledge.

The ib tutor hk is another important title for tutors to go about their teaching journey. Starting a tutoring academy is not that easy because it requires a lot of manpower. Education technology is at its peak now, with several start-ups looking to change the process of learning into digital format. The pandemic has indirectly favored this industry to look into new options of hosting classes through an online tutoring platform and imparting education.

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