Live your life with luxury and designer clothes

There are some pretty exceptional designers products and some incredible figures that come to light when looking at just how popular some of these brands are luxury fashion brands, clothing and materialism are an essential part of people’s lives.

 Whether it is looking good from clothing, smelling good from that unique perfume, or dazzling that branded luxurious accessory, it is a known fact that most people love to feel and look their best, so out of all the brands out there, the handbags, fragrances, watches, clothing and fashion which triumphs against them all in this world.

Hong Kong and its most delighted fashion brand

Whenever you think about shopping for designer clothing hong kong there must be hundreds of possible options that you may like but, the one common brand that almost everyone will talk about will be stylish.

The stylish ladies is a boutique dedicated to womenswear, and it is located inside the Landmark shopping mall. The Swank was inaugurated in 1955 and not only is a reliable brand but has good quality of material and cloths. It is owned by the ENM group and was the first multi-brand clothing store in Hong Kong.

Today, the Group has four stores in Hong Kong, one in China, and more than 9 flagship boutiques of Cucinelli, Brioni, Roberto Cavalli, and Sonia Rykiel. The Swank Ladies’ multi-brand boutique offers international brands such as Antonio MarrasErmannoScervino, Sylvie Schimmel, Simonetta Ravizza, and Mumba. Its address is the Landmark central shop 312 – 314, 15 queen’s road, central, Hong Kong.

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