Lego, the toy that develops the creativity of our children

Lego cubes are not a successful toy by chance. Behind there is a whole story related to the culture and way of thinking of the Nordic country of Denmark, starting with the meaning of the word “lego”, from the Danish “leg godt”, which means “play well”.Over time, the concept was replicated in various toy companies that “reinvented” Legos, creating cubes of various sizes and materials, but always with the same idea: that children build and use their imagination. Click here for lego bricks alternatives.

Develop the creativity of our children

Playing with blocks encourages the social and cognitive development of children, at the same time that they work on motor skillsand their coordination in general. By playing with Legos, children learn to use their imaginations and stimulate their creativity. They also learn to share space and materials, to collaborate and to negotiate.

Children put these skills into practice without realizing it, because for them it is nothing more than a fun game that can keep them entertained for hours. Visit this site for educational toys.


Another advantage, without a doubt, is that it is a game that encourages both individual learning and collective learning, since Legos can be assembled by a single child or by several.

Being away from screens

According to official data, children in Denmark spend many hours of play making Legos and living with other children, instead of being scattered in front of the screens. This is one of the many reasons why this country is considered the “happiest in the world”.

In these times in which technology is present everywhere, our children better divide their time and make the most of it with toys and games that develop their personal and social skills, which are sorely lacking today.

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