Learn More About The Underwater Exercise Bike At The Velocity Studio

Various workout routines are followed by people to keep themselves fit and be healthy.   Most of the time, this routine is pretty intensive and can tire people out easily and the next thing you know that there is a development of cramps, muscle pain, and overall body aches due to which people would practice once a week and will not keep up the practice.  But here at Velocity Studio, it is more than just the following workout routines but it implements various other elements to work out that is loved by all the people and attract potential customers.

What is it about? –  This is a studio that offers a boutique an oasis of steam and sauna but the one thing that they major in is active wellness of providing refreshment, complete body relaxation, and rejuvenation.  This piece of equipment is nothing else but the underwater exercise bike. This is crafted and designed by women and was developed as a part of French wellness experience that was uniquely placed with combining jacuzzi spa technology with the concept of cycling immersed in water so that one can experience the pleasure of working out and at the same time, being underwater in a weightless environment.

What are the features? – Each of these is exquisitely furnished and engineered with innovative features and some of the other benefits being –

  • Reduces cellulite and burns the excessive fat
  • Reduces back and thigh dimples
  • It burns more calories than traditional cycling
  • These water workouts optimize and boost your body temperature through the temperature of controlled water
  • 26 jacuzzi spa jets that are available in the workout includes a jet massage that will be provided simultaneously.
  • Helps to boost blood circulation and maintains the lymphatic system of the body

Conclusion – With this equipment, one can detoxify their skin and can feel relaxed.

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