Benefits Of Sleeping In Boxers

It has long been speculated that the clothes men wear and the positions in which they hold their bodies can influence sperm quality, and now new research has supported the idea that men should be free and not tied in the light of legitimate concern of having children. According to a new report, men who wore boxer shorts during the day and nothing to sleep had essentially lower levels of damaged DNA in their sperm compared to people who wore tight underwear during the day and night.

The Study  

The review followed 500 men for a year, looking at decisions about the clothing they made and the nature of their sperm. The scientists found that people who rested unclothed and wore mens cotton boxers & sleep shorts during the day experienced 25% less DNA fragmentation than individuals who opted for close-knit clothing such as underwear. Although the size of the example in the review was somewhat small, it is further evidence that adopting a more liberal approach to underwear could have impressive medical benefits for men’s fertility.

For Heath

However, in the meantime, close fathers – or men who need to take care of the strength of their sperm – have nothing to lose by stepping into more adaptable clothes (or, in any case, going without at all), realizing that by doing it, they could probably be guaranteeing its reproducibility. Beyond just investigating sperm quality in any case, the future examination would offer significantly more insight if it focused on assessing the impacts of a man’s clothing decision. So order hong kong online men cotton boxer shorts.

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