Basic Internet Technology Course to Learn to Use It Efficiently

Starting from scratch, the internet technology course aims to teach you how to use the Internet by explaining its basic notions and answering questions such as what are links, how to do a simple search, how to send and reply to an e-mail message, how to fill in forms, what it is and how to use Skype, and other interesting things like that. This course is aimed at beginners of any age and aims to make them learn to use computers using a language that is understandable and suitable for everyone.
Basic course to learn data science course  and how to use the Internet
Definitions, flow charts, and articles about “what is data science” sometimes cause confusion. It is okay, and there are many aspects of data science. The field in a data science course is very vast, and you need skills and experience to be called a proficient data scientist. The experience one requires to be domain-oriented. You can say in a nutshell that is likely to find a diamond in the coal mine.
Course Description
The course starts with a brief overview of the theoretical part explaining the minimum of terminology that will allow you to talk and understand computer science with friends and relatives while giving you the opportunity to independently purchase the computer and any accessories knowing both what is best for you, and what you are about to buy.
It will then be explained how to use and customize the operating system, that is the program of the entire PC, without being afraid of doing some trouble, such as deleting or modifying important things.

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